Dexcom G6 Sticker Combo

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Dexcom G6 Sticker Combo by My Diabetic Life will style up your receiver and transmitter!

  • Package includes 2 x stickers printed in selected design – one for the G6 receiver and one for the G6 transmitter
  • Made from high quality vinyl
  • Includes transfer tape for easy application.

Patterns may very slightly in the printing and manufacturing process. Transmitter and Sensor not included. If your Dexcom G6 Combo design by My Diabetic Life is shown as being on backorder it will take approximately 3 weeks to arrive. All other in-stock orders are dispatched same day/next day and will arrive within 5 business days.


Detailed application and removal instructions

Please follow these simple instructions when you’re ready to start decorating your devices. This is for any Glucose meters or sensors that have a transparent transfer tape.


1) We recommend getting some isopropyl alcohol ( or you can use your alcohol wipes to make it sterile) to wipe your item down. Once it’s wiped down, making sure your device is completely dry before moving on to the next step.

2) Slowly peel the clear transfer tape from the white backing.

3) Using the pre-cut area of the decal, you’ll need to align over your device. We recommend working from left to right.

4) Once you are happy with where the decal sits on your device, gently smooth down and be careful not to create any ridges, or creases.

5) Slowly remove the clear transfer tape making sure the decal remains in place.


With any decal from My Diabetic Life, the vinyl is classed as a removable (but also a permanent adhesive). For example; The longer you leave it, the harder it would be to remove. Anything over 1 year and it will become more difficult to remove – basically the longer its on the more it sticks! If you wish to change up your decals or just remove the one you have on, here’s a few easy steps to remove them.

You need a sewing pin or needle, Stanley knife (something with a thin tissue blade) , an alcohol wipe or isopropyl alcohol.

1) Gentle pry your sticker off with the pin/needle/blade. You must be super careful, you don’t want to damage your device at all.

2) Once you get enough to grasp, start slowly peeling (at a complete fold over, not at a 90 degree angle, angle is everything)

3) Then when it is completely off, we recommend cleaning your device with the alcohol wipe.