August 2016 Blogs


The meter read ‘HI’– the words Hamish’s Blood Glucose Monitor uses to tell us that his levels are so bad, it can no longer display how high they are. Not a good thing to see. What had happened? It was pretty simple. Hamish had come home from school and gone to his Nan’s for a visit. He decided he wanted a milkshake and when Nan asked him about testing himself and whether he needed to have a needle he said “No, [...]

“People with Type 1 Diabetes need insulin to survive”

Since Hamish was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at the age of 4 years we have struggled with how much we should tell him about the gravity of his disease..a life-long, life-threatening illness that will require constant attention and action. We had always let him know that we, as his parents, needed to ensure he was getting the right balance for his diabetes so that he stayed healthy but hadn’t really gone into any details on the consequences of things [...]