Adults Diabetes Accessories

Stylish, practical & sometimes fun Adults Diabetes Accessories. We hope you find something you like!

We have handpicked the best diabetes accessories featuring brands such as:

  • Myabetic
  • Adorn Designs
  • Pouch For All
  • Pimp Your Pump
  • Pumpwear Inc
  • FRIO
  • SPIbelt
  • Dia Wipe

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The story of began because of our son Hamish.

Diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at the age of 4, Hamish is a little boy who is brave beyond belief, incredibly pragmatic and hilariously funny. He tackles this most frustrating of diseases with the maturity of someone far beyond his years.

It was Hamish who got us thinking that anything to do with living with Diabetes – those ‘accessories’ we all need to function each day – are boring, ugly, impractical and generally not very pleasant to have around.

So we set about finding the most stylish, fun and useful products from around the world so that we could bring them to the millions of Diabetics living in Australia.

We hope you like what we find!

Jen and Brad