CGM Transmitter Patches Dexcom Cow

Dexcom 2″ CGM Transmitter Patches 5 Pack

$7.70 incl GST

A smaller patch designed by Rockadex to help keep the CGM sensor in place.  Hypoallergenic and latex oxide free. Pack of 5 patches.

  • Beige
  • Black
  • Camo
  • Cow
  • Rainbow
  • Tattoo


Whilst the makers of Rockadex can’t guarantee that the rock tape will stick to your or your child’s skin, the majority of people have had success with it. On the odd occasion it has only lasted a few days before peeling and other times it lasts an entire week. Fortunately it is very easy to change and will just peel off, leaving the Dexcom behind.

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