ExpressionMed White Dexcom G5 Tape – 5 Pack

$22.00 incl GST

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Wear this Dex patch plain or get creative and colour it yourself! To make your own DIY tape by following the instructions below.Bio-compatible material, sweat-proof and water-proof. The strong adhesive can last for 10+ days.
  • Bio-compatible material.
  • Sweat-proof , water-proof and fray-proof.
  • 3 part backing for easy application.
  • The strong adhesive can last for 10+ days

If your design is shown as being on backorder it will take approximately 3 weeks to arrive.

IMPORTANT: Read instructions carefully before application and removal. 





Step 1:

ExpressionMed recommend using Kid Made or Tulip fabric markers, but you can also get really creative and get glow-in-the-dark fabric markers from Amazon!


Step 2:

Get designing!


Step 3 – really important:

Set your Dexcom tape with heat. Use your household iron to heat the tape for 30 seconds at a time on medium heat. Typically it takes 2 to 3 rounds for the tape to be completely set, but you can check to see by rubbing a wet q-tip on the patch to see if any colour comes off. More ironing rounds may be necessary if you still see colour with the q-tip test.


Step 4:

Show off your new, one-of-a-kind Dexcom tape! (And send us a picture, we want to see your creativity)