Insulin Pump Pouch Pastel Rainbow with Vinyl Screen

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High quality insulin pump pouch handmade by Pimp Your Pump. Secures around the waist with a fabric covered adjustable elasticated belt which fastens with a side release buckle.



Insulin Pump Pouch Pastel Rainbow with Vinyl Screen by Pimp Your Pump

  • 100% cotton fabric and fully lined
  • Measures approx 8 x 13cm
  • Buttonhole on the reverse to thread cannula and tubing through
  • Screen is high quality toughened vinyl
  • Embellished with a matching zip charm
  • Designed in landscape orientation to fit all commonly used pumps including the Medtronic 640g
  • Also available in a wide range of other designs

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The buttonhole is a small slit at the back of the pouch which allows you to thread the pump tubing through neatly. However some people prefer to leave the zip slightly open and have the tubing exit there, it just comes down to personal preference.

Waist pouches can be hand washed in cool water but please do not tumble dry as this will distort the vinyl screen and weaken the plastic buckle clips. You may iron the pouch on a warm setting but place a dry cotton cloth over the vinyl screen. Do not iron directly onto the vinyl as it will melt.

Not suitable for children under 3 years of age due to small parts. All charms are supplied on a lobster clasp for easy removal prior to washing.




Using an insulin pump pouch offers several benefits:

  • Secure Placement: Insulin pump pouches are specifically designed to securely hold insulin pumps in place, preventing them from shifting or moving around during daily activities. This ensures that the pump remains properly positioned for continuous insulin delivery and accurate blood sugar management.


  • Protection: Pouches provide a layer of protection for the insulin pump, shielding it from accidental bumps, knocks, or falls that could potentially damage the device. This added protection helps extend the lifespan of the insulin pump and reduces the risk of malfunctions or breakdowns.


  • Discreet and Comfortable: Insulin pump pouches are often designed to be discreet and comfortable to wear, with soft fabrics and adjustable straps that minimise irritation and maximise comfort. Many pouches are also available in various colours, styles, and patterns, allowing individuals to choose options that suit their preferences and lifestyle.


  • Freedom of Movement: Insulin pump pouches are designed to accommodate the wearer’s movements and activities, whether they’re exercising, working, or sleeping. The lightweight and low-profile design of many pouches allows for unrestricted movement, allowing individuals to maintain an active lifestyle without feeling encumbered by their insulin pump.



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