March 2016 Blogs

The Pendulum Swing of Type 1 Diabetes

It was a beautiful afternoon so we headed down to the beach. Hamish's BGL was 2.7 upon arrival (boo!), then 5.4 after treatment (yeah!) but 17.3 by the time we got home (boo again!). It’s the pendulum swing of Type 1 Diabetes…In between the lows and highs, he had this awesome fun.‪ #diabeteswontstopme https://www.oneand2.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/diabeteswontstopme-at-the-beach.mp4

“I just don’t want any more bad things to happen to me”

2015 was a bit of a crappy year for us, plenty of personal sadness. We were glad to see the back of it. So we decided that as a family 2016 was going to be all about joy. We were going to do things that made us happy, made us laugh and made us feel like we were embracing life. First cab off the rank was booking a once-in-a-lifetime snowboard trip for Hamish and Brad to Japan. They were [...]


We haven’t found the need to hashtag before but we figure if we are going to start, this is as good a place as any. #diabeteswontstopme. This is how Hamish lives his life and was top of mind as we kicked off Easter with a trip to the Royal Easter Show. To be honest, Easter is the one ‘event’ we dislike the most when it comes to managing Type 1 Diabetes. But we have committed to Hamish right from [...]

The Diabetes Ripple

Last week we wrote about Hamish’s diagnosis with Type 1 Diabetes and how in an instant it changed everything. One day we knew nothing about BGLs, insulin and hypos and the next we were sitting with an Educator, a Doctor and a Counselor learning how to deal with this new way of life. It got us thinking, though, that it wasn’t just us that Diabetes impacted. Hamish’s diagnosis touched everyone around us. It was The Diabetes Ripple. The circles started [...]

Jumping in with both feet

Well, we’ve made it to blog #2 – and it’s like Pandora’s Box has been opened. When we first talked about writing this we weren’t sure we had much to say but we can confidently tell you that we now have a long list of things to write about and it’s a matter of trying to hold us back! We’re jumping in with both feet, which is a bit like what life is like after you are told your [...]


Do you start these things with a "hello"? We're not sure as neither of us have 'blogged' before but "hello" any way. We are Jen and Brad, parents of an awesome 9 year old boy called Hamish who just so happens to be a Type 1 Diabetic. We run this website oneand2.com.au featuring Diabetes Accessories and we have now decided to write a blog...So, with that in mind, welcome to our first ever blog and one we have titled [...]