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242 needles in a jar

This was the number of needles we delivered to our local chemist today in our monthly ritual of ‘sharps disposal’. It probably was a similar amount last month and will probably be a similar amount next month. An average of around 8 needles a day, sometimes more, sometimes less, depending on the type of day we are having or the insulin we are using. We don’t use a sharps bin for our needles – those ugly yellow safety tubs –...

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#diabeteswontstopme The Colour Run!

Hamish ran the 'Colour Run' on Sunday and proved that even a hypo mid way wasn't going to stop him enjoying the happiest 5kms on the planet!!‪  #diabeteswontstopme   https://www.oneand2.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/diabeteswontstopmecolourrun2016.mp4

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The complications of a complicated disease

Hamish’s grandfather (or as he calls him, ‘Bampy’) has had Diabetes for almost 30 years. He was originally diagnosed as having Type 2 Diabetes but we more recently found out that it is actually LADA or Latent Autoimmune Diabetes of Adulthood – a form of  Type 1 that occurs in adults, often with a slower onset and commonly mistaken for Type 2. That aside, diabetes has taken a toll on his body. Around a year and a half ago Bampy suffered kidney failure, bought on...

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Best HbA1c ever!

It's Thursday and we've had Hamish's best HbA1c result ever so we thought we'd celebrate with a #diabeteswontstopme video! Make sure you crank up the sound - Hamish loved the groovy cowboy track as he goes rainforest riding with Simba the Horse... #diabeteswontstopme   https://www.oneand2.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/diabeteswontstopme-horse-riding.mp4

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Did he eat too much sugar?

A couple of months ago Hamish announced out of the blue that he knew why he wasn’t invited to a friend’s birthday party. “He said he wanted to invite me but his mum said she didn’t know how to deal with my Diabetes.” Uggh. Really? We were both seething inside, furious and heartbroken. Don’t get us wrong – we weren’t mad because he wasn’t invited to a birthday party, or that the mum didn’t want to deal with his Diabetes. He won’t...

Category: May 2016 Blogs