ExpressionMed Medtronic Magnolia Patches 4 pack

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Get the most out of your device without sacrificing an active lifestyle with these Medtronic tapes from ExpressionMed. Sweat-proof , water-proof and fray-proof.

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ExpressionMed Medtronic Magnolia Patches is designed to breathe with your skin offering a forget-that-it’s-there level of comfort throughout wear time, and a durability that lasts. The goal is to help you get the most out of your device without sacrificing an active lifestyle.
  • Bio-compatible material.
  • Sweat-proof , water-proof and fray-proof.
  • 3 part backing for easy application.
  • The strong adhesive can last for 10+ days
  • Pack contains 4 patches


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Step 1: Remove the centre backing

Step 2: Apply the tape over your device while holding on to the covered side(s).

Step 3: Once adhesive is placed, remove the remaining backings and smooth down avoiding creases if possible.

When applying your tape, avoid touching the adhesive (sticky part) with your fingers and wait at least 30 minutes from your last shower/bath, and avoid contact with water for at least a few hours after placing your tape. It takes time for the adhesive to fully adhere to your skin, and a shower for example could compromise the sticking process.



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