Medtronic Pump Screen Protector

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Protect your Medtronic Insulin Pump against scratches, scuffs and drops with this Screen Protector from My Diabetic Life.  With an oleophobic coating to help reduce fingerprint smears and 99.9% optical clarity you won’t even notice it on your display.

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Medtronic Pump Screen Protector by My Diabetic Life provides a great level of protection for your device using nanometre thin hybrid film/tempered glass material. It protects against scratches, scuffs and drops by absorbing any display impacts.  Your screen protector also includes an oleophobic coating, to help reduce fingerprint smears.

The Medtronic Pump Screen Protector nano glass offers precision touch sensitivity through the multi-layer glass and film composition so it reacts like your diabetes technology’s own screen. This ensures that every touch is transferred accurately for a perfect touchscreen experience.

With an almost invisible protection and 99.9% optical clarity you won’t even notice it on your display.

Key benefits of the Medtronic Pump Screen Protector:

  • Oleophobic Coating
  • Anti-finger print coating
  • Responsive touch
  • Premium nano-glass
  • Scratch resistant
  • Ultra clear 99.,9% clarity

Pack contains 1 x screen protector and 1 x application pack.

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