ExpressionMed Omnipod Purple Camo Patch

$15.00 incl GST

ExpressionMed Omnipod Patches are made from bio-compatible material that is sweat-proof and water-proof. The strong adhesive can last for 10+ days.


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ExpressionMed Omnipod Purple Camo Patch comes in a range of designs:

  • Each pack contains 4 patches
  • Bio-compatible material
  • Sweat-proof , water-proof and fray-proof
  • Peel resistant
  • 3 part backing for easy application
  • The strong adhesive can last for 10+ days
  • The material’s 4-way stretch moves with your skin for a forget-that-it’s-there feel


If the ExpressionMed Omnipod Purple Camo Patch design is shown as being on backorder it will take approximately 3 weeks to arrive.All other orders will ship within one business day via Australia Post. Read about our delivery options and timeframes.



Step 1: Remove the centre backing

Step 2: Apply the tape over your device while holding on to the covered side(s).

Step 3: Once adhesive is placed, remove the remaining backings and smooth down avoiding creases if possible.

When applying your tape, avoid touching the adhesive (sticky part) with your fingers and wait at least 30 minutes from your last shower/bath, and avoid contact with water for at least a few hours after placing your tape. It takes time for the adhesive to fully adhere to your skin, and a shower for example could compromise the sticking process.



An Omnipod is a type of insulin pump used by people with diabetes to manage their blood sugar levels. One of the main benefits of the Omnipod system is its tubeless design. Traditional insulin pumps have tubing connecting the pump to the infusion site, which can sometimes get tangled or caught on objects, leading to discomfort or inconvenience for the user.

With the Omnipod, the insulin reservoir and infusion set are all contained within a small, waterproof pod that adheres to the user’s skin. This makes it more discreet and less cumbersome to wear compared to traditional pumps. Additionally, the Omnipod allows for more flexibility in terms of where the pod can be placed on the body, giving users more options for infusion sites.