Pump and CGM Double Band Navy

$48.50 incl GST

This insulin pump waist band with window by Pouch For All is made using top quality lycra with a soft seam. It holds your insulin pump & CGM monitor in two seperate concealed pockets, one with a window.




Pump and CGM Double Band Navy for the waist with a see-through window:

  • 7cm wide with one see-through window
  • Two concealed pockets suitable for most insulin pumps and CGMs.
  • Each pocket will stretch to securely hold your insulin pump and CGM device
  • Can be worn under or over your clothing
  • Suitable for day wear, sport or at night time
  • Available in six length sizes. Also available in black and beige.
  • Cool wash do not tumble dry

If your Pump and CGM Double Band Navy size is shown as being on backorder it will take approximately 3 weeks to arrive. All other orders will ship within one business day via Australia Post. Read about our delivery options and timeframes.


The benefits of using an insulin pump waist band

Convenience: Wearing a waistband allows the pump to be securely attached to your body, providing easy access and reducing the risk of it getting misplaced or falling off.

Freedom of movement: A waistband holds the insulin pump securely in place, allowing you to move freely without the pump becoming dislodged or hindering your activities. Whether you’re exercising, playing sports, or going about your daily routine, the waistband helps ensure that the pump stays in position.

Discreetness: Insulin pumps can be discreetly concealed under clothing when worn with a waistband. This can be particularly important for individuals who prefer to keep their medical devices private or maintain a certain level of discretion in social or professional settings.

Protection: A waistband provides an additional layer of protection for the insulin pump. It helps prevent accidental damage or dislodgment of the device, such as during physical activities or when wearing tight-fitting clothing.

Comfort: Insulin pump waistbands are typically designed with comfort in mind. They are made from soft, breathable materials that minimize irritation and rubbing against the skin. The waistband helps to keep the pump secure and in a position that is comfortable for the wearer.

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