Type 1 Medical Alert Kids Bracelet Camo

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High quality handmade Type 1 Diabetes medical alert bracelets. 100% cotton fabric with a TYPE 1  DIABETIC label in black with white lettering.




Type 1 Medical Alert Kids Bracelet Camo is handmade by UK brand Pimp Your Pump:
  • 100% cotton
  • Available in 2 adjustable sizes – 13-14cm and 15-18cm
  • Fasten with a sturdy plastic snap lock buckle
  • ‘Type 1 Diabetic’ in white type on black background

If your Type 1 Medical Alert Kids Bracelet Camo design or size is shown as being on backorder it will take approximately three weeks to arrive. All other orders will ship within one business day via Australia Post. Read about our delivery options and timeframes.

Please be aware that these bracelets are handmade and will vary slightly depending upon the pattern repeat of the fabric.


Wearing a medical band or bracelet for type 1 diabetes is a recommended practice for several important reasons:

  1. Wearing a medical band helps to alert others, including healthcare professionals, about your condition in case of an emergency. This allows them to provide appropriate and timely care, especially if you are unable to communicate your condition yourself.
  2. During emergencies, medical personnel need to make rapid decisions based on the available information. By wearing a medical band, you provide them with instant identification of your type 1 diabetes, allowing them to take appropriate steps to address the situation.
  3. Type 1 diabetes requires specific treatment and management protocols. Wearing a medical band can inform healthcare providers about your condition, ensuring they consider your diabetes when diagnosing and treating other health issues. It can also help them avoid medications or treatments that may adversely affect your blood sugar levels.
  4. In situations where you may be unable to communicate effectively, such as during unconsciousness or confusion due to hypoglycemia or other complications, a medical band acts as a voice for you. It informs others that you have type 1 diabetes, helping them understand your medical history and make appropriate decisions regarding your care.
  5. Wearing a medical band can provide peace of mind for individuals with type 1 diabetes and their loved ones. Knowing that vital medical information is readily available in case of an emergency can alleviate anxiety and allow for a greater sense of security.


Available in 2 adjustable sizes – 13-14cm and 15-18cm – they fasten with a sturdy plastic snap lock buckle.amish is a little boy who is brave beyond belief, incredibly pragmatic and hilariously funny. He tackles this most frustrating of diseases with the maturity of someone far beyond his years.It was Hamish who got us thinking that anything to do with living with Diabetes – those ‘accessories’ we all need to function each day – are boring, ugly, impractical and generally not very pleasant to have around.So we set about finding the most stylish, fun and useful products from around the world so that we could bring them to the millions of Diabetics living in Australia.We hope you like what we fi

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