Diabetes Diary Reminder Stickers

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Keep on top of your appointments and re-ordering of supplies with these fun, high quality vinyl stickers from My Diabetic Life. Perfect for the diary or calendar.

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Diabetes Diary Reminder Stickers by My Diabetic Life are a fun way to keep on top of all of your appointments and supply refill days!

  • Printed on high quality vinyl, ready to use
  • Printed on one 13 x 13 sheet (in full)
  • Perfect for the diary or calendar.
  • 46 Stickers


If your Diabetes Diary Reminder Stickers are shown as being on backorder it will take approximately 3 weeks to arrive. All other orders will ship within one business day via Australia Post. Read about ourĀ delivery options and timeframes. We also stockĀ CGM Site Change Stickers and Pump Site Change Stickers.


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