April 2016 Blogs

Our Hero

As Hamish went to the Dawn Service yesterday wearing his Great Grandfather’s war medals it made us think about all Type 1 Diabetics who, on a daily basis, battle a war of their own. Type 1 Diabetes is an unforgiving, frustrating – and what a lot of people don’t realise - life threatening condition. It’s often referred to as an invisible disease because from the outside, there is no real way to indentify someone with Type 1 Diabetes. On the inside, however, [...]

“Somewhere on the planet it’s close to 2am and the parent of a child who lives with Type 1 Diabetes is awake.”

We saw this quote on a website the other day and the truth of this saying made us both laugh and sigh with sadness. Hamish has zero awareness during the night if his BGLs have dropped into dangerous territory. He doesn’t wake up, toss and turn, disturb, come too and feel funny – there is no indication, nothing. No matter what the level, whether it be 4.0, 2.7 or even 1.9 on one scary night he feels nothing. The threat of [...]

Party On, People

Hamish went to an awesome birthday party a couple of weeks ago for one of his best mates Charlie. It was at a local beach and was three hours of surfing, swimming and  skateboarding followed by a sausage sizzle, cake and then home. It was an ideal situation for a Type 1 Diabetic 9 year old boy – heavy on the exercise, light on the party food. And an ideal situation for us as the parents, where our biggest [...]