June 2016 Blogs

We could have lost him

One night last week, we did the usual 11pm BGL test to check that Hamish’s levels were OK. 10.2 was the reading. Slightly on the high side and according to our insulin chart, we needed to give him half a unit of insulin. For some reason (who knows why, maybe parent’s intuition?) we decided not to give him any and thought that based on his levels, how he had been trending the last few nights and the type of...

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Was he just tired or was it the Diabetes?

Last night we let Hamish stay up a bit so he could keep reading – he had just started Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone on the weekend and couldn’t put it down. As it got a little bit too far past his bed time and we called ‘book down’ things went a bit pear shaped.  A missing bookmark elicited a slight tone of panic, a “c’mon, hurry up” bought on tears and a stern “Hamish” a complete emotional...

Category: June 2016 Blogs